ATENA Bookcase

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Atena is a versatile shelf system that is perfect for planning walls of books, offices and room dividers. It also scores when individual solutions for walk-in wardrobes or wardrobes with doors and concealed niches are required.
Thanks to the strongly gridded dimensions, not a single centimetre is wasted, providing the optimum storage space. The fronts are rebated, which is to say that the shelf lines are concealed. This creates a modern, graphic look. The shelf units appeal for their plain design language and elegance.
The basic element of panels and shelves can be combined as you like with flaps, doors and drawers. Playing with open and closed compartments creates individual furniture with a personal touch. A particularly delightful effect is created with illuminated interior compartments, optionally finished with aluminium framed glass fronts. All fronts are available with handles or open without handles using push technology.